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KreativEnerzie is an Intellectual Property consulting firm that provides in-depth technical research and analysis that supports your lawerly advice.

Our Services

Patent Prosecution

Our patent prosecution services include detailed analysis of the invention disclosure documents followed by an in-depth prior art search to ensure novelty. We follow it up with application drafting, claim drafting, and office action response drafting as required. Quality and timeliness are the USP of our patent prosecution services.

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Litigation / Licensing Services

Our Litigation/ Licensing services focus on the valuation and monetization of your assets. We perform detailed portfolio analysis to mine valuable assets that can be put forth for licensing and if required litigation purposes. We conduct live use experiments to establish evidence of use in multiple jurisdictions that lead to credible licensing agreements.

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Post Grant Services

Our Post Grant services include Inter Parte Review, Post Grant Review, Supplemental search, and Ex parte re-examination for the US jurisdiction. Preponderance of evidence is the evidentiary standard used by us for the post grant analysis.

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Patent Evaluation Services

Our Patent evaluation service is based on certain core parameters against which an asset is evaluated. The metric used is result of our expertise developed over the years on working on patent analytics. The evaluation techniques allow our clients to take patent monetization decisions and perform annuity assessment analysis.

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Paralegal Services

We provide end-to-end paralegal services for the entire patent prosecution life cycle. We have expertise in key IP management software provided by Anaqua, apart from products such as Foundation IP, Portfolio IP, Memotech etc. Services provided include Remote Docketing, Proof Reading, IDS Preparation, PTA Verification, and Data Verification.

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