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Remote Docketing

We analyse how novel your innovation is by exploring both paid and open databases.

Based on the key aspects of the invention, we get the closest prior art to ease your way for claim drafting ensuring minimal rejections by the examiner.


Our team will perform a thorough proofreading spanning the entire prosecution history. We will provide particular emphasis on the claims, numbering and the diagrams. For US patents team will also perform CFR 1.312 amendment to save corrections fees.

IDS preparation

Our team will maintain a reference database over the period of the prosecution life cycle. The team will perform in tight Turn-around-time of one month to avoid PTA issues. We will also provide QPIDS if required.

PTA verification

We perform PTA audit for US patents. To perform PTA audit, we will incorporate rules from latest cases such as Novrtis and Wyeth in the audit. The team will calculate PTA calculation in short TAT keeping into consideration the short PTO deadline.

Data Verification

We have expertise in patent number formats and IP laws for error free patent data. We possess the automation capability for online jurisdiction.