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About Us

KreativEnerzie is an Intellectual Property consulting firm that provides in-depth technical research and analysis and supports your lawerly advice. 

We offer a wide range of services to our clients that include, prior art search, patent application drafting, patent prosecution, infringement analysis, offensive/defensive review, litigation support, and patent annuities recommendation. We also provide paralegal support services such as remote docketing, proofreading, IDS preparation, PTA verification, Data Verification. We function as a one stop centre starting from patent filing to patent monetization and all the processes that are required in-between in the European and US jurisdictions.

We also have language expertise for translation of Japanese and Spanish patent documents to English.

Our clients include individual inventors, universities and research institutes, and small and medium scale companies. We assist individual inventors and companies to strategize their investment in Patent Portfolio. We also take pride doing Patent Analytics to align in-house research with patent monetization.